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Women's hair corrections

We deal with various color corrections every day in our Ricci salon.

Most of the time it is because many people color their hair with the “DO IT YOURSELF AT HOME COLORS”. 

What's happening? 

The homemade ones open up the cuticle (outermost layer of hair) of the hair extremely and the colors are usually always different than on the package. 

Since these products contain high-quality paraben, harmful silicone substances and sulfate substances, these build up around the hair, causing accidents to happen when you go to the hairdresser.

In the age of “Opal Hair, Cinnamon Hot Chocolate and Pastel Chromatiques” it's a matter of moments when the color changes after a week. And when that happens, it's annoying, and not just a little bit. Because when a woman colors her hair, she does so to decide who she wants to be at that moment in her life. Especially when it comes to crazy shades that are worthy of showing off but are equally difficult to wear when they no longer mean anything.


So what should be done? 

First, avoid all do-it-yourself methods so as not to aggravate the situation. 

Second, schedule a consultation to find out how you can restore strength and intensity to your color. Color correction specifically addresses hair that is in “color distress.”


After a color treatment in the salon, color and/or reflection changes may occur over time due to washing and weather influences (sun, humidity, smog), essentially a fading of the color or undesirable reddish-yellow reflections. Color correction consists in the addition of pigments directly to a previously applied color with different objectives: refreshing a faded color and correcting unwanted reflections (almost always warm: reddish-yellow) due to the oxidation of the color applied in the salon.


The shades of purple and/or green are used to neutralize warm highlights: yellow and red, respectively. Copper and red tones are used to refresh warm blondes, auburns and reds that have lost shine and brilliance. Just like the colored facial concealers used to minimize imperfections.

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