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What is Keratin?

Keratin is a protein that occurs naturally in hair, nails and skin. Its function is to provide structure, strength and texture. However, over time, the human body tends to produce less of it, and the deficiency is evident in the hair, which appears weak, the nails, which tend to flake off, and the epidermis, which becomes dry. 


For this reason, replenishing diminished keratin through specific treatments is certainly an excellent choice for hair health and beauty. 


It can be used at home in products such as shampoos and masks, even in a do-it-yourself version, to restore vitality and shine to dry and brittle hair. 


  • It is suitable for all hair types 

  • It's perfect if you have damaged, ruined, brittle hair 

  • Repairs your hair from the inside

  • It is able to strengthen hair and prevent breakage and future damage 

  • It is ideal for those with curly or wavy hair who love movement but want it to be softer, healthier and shinier, without the typical frizz effect, but also for straight hair that needs a regenerating action. 



  • As a restructuring cosmetic treatment, it has no particular contraindications 

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