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Intensive Hair care



Even with healthier-looking hair, stylists can face issues with hair fiber fragility and compromised color results due to the presence of metals in and on the hair surface. 


The content of metals in the hair fiber and on the hair surface varies depending on the water quality in the area where we live and the porosity of the fiber. 

Even the water from the shower or salon wash area can contain high concentrations of metals due to water erosion in the pipes. 

Washing after washing, these particles accumulate in the hair, causing risk to coloring, balayage and lightening services. 

The excessive accumulation of metals in the hair fiber does not pose a health risk, but can cause hair brittleness and affect color results. 


The answer: Metal Detox 

After 7 years of research, the L'Oréal Professional Paris team has identified a molecule that can counteract the accumulation of metals: glycemia. 

This agent penetrates the hair fiber and neutralizes the metal wherever it is: an exceptional discovery for coloring, balayage and lightening services with guaranteed benefits at a professional level.

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