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Men's haircuts and coloring


What are the most common male face shapes in 2023?  

There are many male face shapes and you should pay attention to your face shape before deciding what type of haircut you want to use.  

Below we separate the most common male face shapes so you can do your own self-analysis. The most common male face shapes are:  

  • Oval  

  • heart  

  • Diamond  

  • long  

  • round 

  • Square or also called rectangular

The most sought-after men's cuts in hair salons in 2023 are:  


  • short male hair  

  • Men's haircut undercut 

  • Surfer haircut for men  

  • Layered haircut for men  

  • Flow Haircut Men's Haircut  

  • Eboy Hairstyle Men's Haircut  

  • male wavy/curly hair  

  • Men's hair with highlights  


The colors that men most often use to color their hair are:  

  • Dark brown  

  • Blonde  

  • Gray  

But don't forget that your face is unique and special, what really matters is that you feel comfortable with the way you look.  

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