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The treatment is recommended for people with dull, dry and damaged hair, for those with problems with split ends or for those who frequently use straighteners and straighteners, which weaken the hair fibers even further. In fact, the benefits of hair Botox don’t end there. Some have used it to add volume to their hair (among its lovers there are stars like Blake Lively and Megan Fox), but also to eliminate frizz, which are typical for more brittle hair. 

In addition, the treatment is also recommended for unruly hair that is not suitable for easy styling and – last but not the least – also for people with sebum problems. 

In fact, hair Botox has a cleansing effect on oily hair and keeps the scalp drier. For this reason - and because of all the other benefits of hair Botox - it is loved by men too. 


Treatment only possible in the salon 


Olaplex, what it is, how the treatment works and why your hair will never be the same 

Olaplex is the original and only treatment capable of restructuring the hair from within, acting directly on the disulfide bonds. 

If you've always wondered what Olaplex is, be amazed by the revolutionary hair reconstruction treatment that has even charmed the stars. 

The Olaplex treatment was the result of an almost accidental discovery that led two biochemists Eric Presly and Craig Hawker to discover the molecule that made Olaplex the king of products for twould make rocky, brittle and damaged hair. His secret? Treat hair from within, rebuilding disulfide bonds and repairing hair damaged by aggressive chemical treatments. 

We are sure you don't want to consider other options to pamper your hair again

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