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Temporary coloring

If you want to give your hair a touch of intense or delicate color without permanently coloring it, temporary dyes, pigmented shampoos, pigmented masks, sprays, mousse tints are the best solution.

Why do they choose? Firstly, they are delicate and do not damage the hair shaft or scalp as they do not penetrate deeply and do not oxidize the hair as they are ammonia free.

Then they are easy to use: they do not have to be applied with sprays, foam tint and pigmented mask just a few minutes, but allow you to achieve the desired result.


Semi-permanent color

The semi-permanent color acts like a mask, enveloping the hair in color and depositing it on the outer layer without penetrating the cuticles.

In this way, a temporary color is achieved without removing the natural pigment contained in the hair cortex. Would you like to learn more about hair structure? Click here!

For this reason, its formula is less aggressive than the permanent dyes.

Precisely because the color does not penetrate the hair structure, it must be applied to dry, already washed hair.

The processing time required is 15-30 minutes depending on the desired result.


Semi-permanent hair dyes provide a quick solution to revive any colors that tend to fade quickly, such as red and blonde. For this reason it is sometimes called “gloss” or “tint.”

Even natural hair may need an extra touch of shine.

With a temporary coloring we can achieve interesting reflections without harming the hair.

Finally, semi-permanent color is an excellent ally against the first gray hairs.

The color pigments coat the melanin-free hair and give it a translucent and natural look that avoids the annoying “regrowth” effect.

Since the coverage is not complete, experts recommend this solution to conceal a gray content of less than 50 - 70%.



Permanent coloring

Permanent hair coloring is suitable for both lightening and darkening the natural basic tone.

But the most interesting thing about permanent dyes is: how long they last. Permanent coloration is an ideal product for reliably covering gray hair and ensuring an even and constant color tone for 4 to 6 weeks.

In fact, those who try permanent dyeing can expect a rich, brilliant and intense color during this time that will not fade after the first wash.

As mentioned above, the strength of permanent hair color lies in its resistance and unchangeability over several weeks. But what guarantees this result?

To understand how long permanent coloring lasts, it is necessary to know its chemical composition and the mechanism of action that allows the product to provide a permanent and reliable result over time.

The coloring effect is created by triggering chemical reactions that remove the natural hair pigment and replace it with another. By eliminating pheomelanin for pigments from red to blonde and eumelanin for the range from brown to black, the permanent color, thanks to the use of para-phenylenediamine, colors the treated hair until it reaches the desired color.

Each tint uses not just one pigment, but a combination of reds, greens and blues.

The different pigments, present in different percentages depending on the desired color, react with ammonia and peroxide and give life to the different shades that can be achieved.

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