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A maximum of luxury especially for you!  


In addition to our 100% Virgin Remy human hair standard series (Classic, Superior & Deluxe), we offer Slavic natural hair.  

Our Slavic hair is the purest, silkiest and rarest raw hair available on the market.  

It provides the perfect hair extension and/or hair thickening for us Europeans.  


Slavic / European hair  

Slavic hair is particularly popular. Your naturally very fine hair is spiced up with volume and length in a particularly natural and discreet way. Our European hair is second to none! It is the result of years of research and effort to process the best possible hair quality into an excellent product to make the dream of beautiful, long-lasting hair come true. Our Slavic/European hair is silky soft and shiny. With proper care, strength, vitality and beauty are retained for a long time, so that the extension can be used several times. Slavic/European hair is rightly considered “the creme de la creme” in the world of hair extensions. Our Slavic hair is characterized by exceptionally excellent quality, is long-lasting and fine at the same time. Genetics and environmental influences contribute to this amazingly good hair quality. The hair is very soft and shiny and retains its captivating beauty despite being reused several times. Many Western customers prefer hair from Europe. This has a smaller diameter and can therefore be connected more easily to natural hair, especially very fine hair. 

Pure virgin hair  

We only use chemically untreated and unprocessed hair with an intact cuticle, so-called virgin hair. This is obtained fresh from the donor's head and must not be dyed or chemically treated. Every hair braid has its own structure and story. The pure hair is processed and colored in a gentle process to ultimately make the extension look healthy in one of our shades.   


How do I recognize the quality of hair extensions?


Hair extensions, also known as hair extensions, are a popular way to increase hair volume and length. However, there are many different types of hair extensions on the market and it can be difficult to tell the quality and authenticity of the hair extensions. In this blog post you will learn how to recognize quality in hair extensions.  



Hair quality  

One of the most important factors when evaluating the quality of hair extensions is the hair quality itself. High-quality hair extensions should be made of 100% human hair. Synthetic hair extensions can damage hair and often look unnatural. When purchasing hair extensions, make sure the hair is soft, shiny and free of knots or tangles.  


Origin of hair  

The origin of the hair can also be an indication of the quality of the hair extension. Hair extensions from India are often considered to be the best on the market as they are more similar to European hair. Because the hair in this region is often thicker and healthier. When purchasing hair extensions, make sure that the manufacturer states the origin of the hair.  


Fastening method  

The attachment method is another important factor when evaluating the quality of hair extensions. The best hair extensions use an invisible and gentle attachment method that does not damage the hair. Glues and non-quality hair extensions can damage the hair and often lead to hair loss.  


Customer reviews  

Finally, customer reviews can be a useful tool to evaluate the quality of hair extensions. Read other customers' reviews to find out if the hair extensions are of high quality and meet expectations. Reviews can also indicate whether the hair extensions are easy to maintain and long-lasting  

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