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Women's cut

The BOB 

Elegant and high-quality: The bob is a great classic that you can't do without in the new year, preferably with straight hair and a middle parting. It is a strict version, simple and sophisticated at the same time. 


And who says that women with curly hair Can't wear bangs? For a long time it was not considered a winning combination, quite the opposite. So try combining the fringe with your natural curls: it's a fresh and vibrant look, perfect for summer. 


Cropped Pixie:   


The new shortcut that emphasizes cheekbones (and lifts the face)  

casual and suitable for everyone. 

It is suitable for both straight and curly hair and has a “Botox-like” effect that lifts the cheekbones  


Can a haircut create a “Botox-like” effect and visually lift the cheekbones? Absolutely yes, if we talk about the new pixie cuts, the most famous short hairstyle of all time.  

From Zoe Kravitz (who already wore it in 2018) to Saweetie and Florence Pugh, many celebrities have chosen this haircut to enhance the beauty of the face and emphasize the gaze.  


Bold and cheeky, the mullet is conquering the trends. From pop stars to runway models, the '80s-inspired "mullet cut" is undoubtedly the hairstyle that looks great on curly or straight hair. Of course at every opportunity.  




A haircut that is not for everyone: to show it off you need courage and self-confidence. The classic version of the mullet actually includes bangs, side shaves and shoulder lengths. The most classic combination is with a thin or curtain fringe, ideal for framing the face and giving the hair a more dynamic and light look. Despite the very strict silhouette, the mullet is a very versatile haircut that tends to elongate facial features. Precisely for this reason, it is a style suitable for all face shapes and especially for flattened or rounded features. The secret to showing it off perfectly? Interpret it in a modern key and focus on a harmonious play of layers to adapt it to your hair type and face shape.  


Blunt cut  


Short cut, with a bob and no longer than the chin: the blunt bob is an always trendy cut. Are you feeling dizzy? Absolutely yes. And given the rigorous cord and mini lengths, it couldn't be any other way: the blunt bob is good for everyone.   




The blunt bob is a clean, straight cut usually done with a razor. Despite its geometric and strict character, the blunt bob looks good on everyone. In fact, the secret is to match the details of the cut with the shape of the face. An oval face, for example, is best emphasized by a blunt bob with a center line, while clean and square features should prefer a cut with a side line to brighten the facial features and create a slight asymmetry. Not to mention that the short bob suits all hair types: especially recommended for fine hair that needs volume, for thick hair it becomes a structured cut with clearly visible lines.  


What is a Clavi Cut?  

Basically, the haircut is an extended bob, but the cut is crucial for the Clavi Cut. “Clavi” is the abbreviation for the English word “Clavicle”, which translates as “clavicle”. With the trend hairstyle, the ends of the hair reach exactly to the collarbone. Ideally, the front section of hair is a little longer than the back of the head so that the facial features are optimally surrounded by the strands. In addition, two different types of cuts are used with the Clavi Cut: On the one hand, the so-called blunt cut, which requires a blunt and precise cut, and on the other hand, the razor bob, in which the hair strands are slightly thinned downwards with scissors or a razor and in this way more Maintain contour.  


Who suits the Clavi cut? 

The Clavi-Cut is a real all-rounder. The shoulder-length cut suits every woman, regardless of face shape. Whether oval, round, rectangular or heart-shaped – the Clavi Cut flatters every face shape:  

  • When it comes to striking features, the extra-long bob takes away the harshness and makes the face appear softer.  

  • Round faces are visually stretched by the haircut.  

  • It emphasizes the fine features of oval and heart-shaped faces.  


In addition, the Clavi cut is suitable for both fine and thick hair. The precise cut, in which a lot of hair lies in a compact line, gives thin hair Immediately more volume, thick hair can be thinned out using the cutting technique.  

If desired, additional bangs or a slight layering can round off the Clavi Cut - this ensures that the hair falls better. A few fine strands and somewhat delicate highlights created using the balayage technique make the Clavi Cut even more stylish and give the hair more structure.  



Curtain Fringes: The “Shag Bang"   


Ideal for medium length cuts, versatile, suitable for all hair types. Why dare the "shag bang", the fringe in a runway version  


“He was born with bangs to pair with a shag haircut, which is a '70s-inspired look that has been brought to the forefront by various influencers and pop stars, including Billie Eilish. It is a fringe that starts quite short in the middle of the forehead and then lengthens with a very soft and irregular texture in the outer area of the eyes and cheekbones until it blends in with the rest of the cut, which can be medium to long.  


"This softness makes it perfect for softening facial features and hiding some details of the face that we don't like, so it is much more adaptable than a classic straight and full bangs," adds the expert.  Since it is obviously a fringe that curves a lot on the sides and becomes long and soft on the cheekbones, it cannot be combined with a look that is too short».  

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