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Service at Home & Events

Our team takes care of the bride, knowing that her hair must be flawless for such a special event.  

We will help you choose the perfect hairstyle and make-up to highlight the beauty of your face, the uniqueness of your eyes, your smile and your hair.  

Long or short, straight or curly, blonde or dark, they are perfect for the ceremony.  



  • Ceremony  

  • Gala  

  • Bride  

  • Bridegroom  

  • Bridesmaids 

The bride 

A bride's beauty look is a puzzle made up of several pieces where everything has to fit together perfectly. “The picture must be exactly what the bride dreams of for that day,” say Rino Esposito and Gigi Rutigliani , which confirm how much marriage is experienced as a fairy tale in the female imagination. 

“We create the look taking into account all aspects of the person and the type of event, then we evaluate the season, the dress and the ceremony location. We have a responsibility to understand what is appropriate and what is not to guide the bride in her choice. 

From an emotional point of view, the hairstyle comes immediately after the dress, with which she associates much more than with the makeup “.  


Personal taste plays a big role: 

Why wear your hair down when you can picture yourself with an updo on your wedding day? 

But, it also takes some honesty. 

Conversely: Do you like hairstyles with long hair? Ask yourself if the styling on you actually has the longevity to withstand such an important (and stressful) test. 


  • Updos for weddings  

  • Wedding hairstyles for open hair  

  • Hairstyler with hair tied back  

  • Fishtail braid in the side bunc

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